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Chambre immobilière

De l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Why a broker?

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When you deal with a real estate broker, you’re protected by law. In fact, the real estate broker profession is governed by the Real Estate Brokerage Act and supervised by a number of organizations to ensure that consumers are served fairly and competently.

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It’s an unusual name. It evokes a basement full of precious metals: a story worthy of the Wild West!

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Nord-du-Québec is Québec's largest administrative region. The region alone accounts for more than half of the total area of the province.

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Abitibi-Ouest's unique features and foundations are its vastness, its natural riches and its many and varied potential.

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This is where the lifeblood is born!

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Here, we start the day downtown, coffee and croissant in hand, and end it with both feet in the lake, contemplating the setting sun.

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Human warmth and breathtaking scenery: welcome to Wonderland!

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Salon de l'habitation Abitibi-Témiscamiongue

Magazine Immobilier

The magazine, already popular, is even more so, thanks to subjects that pique people’s interest. Throughout the pages of Magazine immobilier, you’ll now find articles and contributors who are passionate about real estate and housing.

A new edition of Le Magazine immobilier!

Since 1993, Real Estate Magazine has been free of charge, and is available at nearly 80 points of sale throughout Abitibi-Témiscamingue, with 2,000 copies sold each month*!

By offering a reinvented product with a professional look and interesting topics that appeal to people looking for tips and advice, the magazine is positioning itself as an indispensable advertising vehicle and helping to make Abitibi-Témiscamingue real estate professionals a must in the world of housing.


For a real estate transaction to be a success, several real estate professionals will have their say. Make sure you have the right people around you at every stage of the transaction. Here you’ll find a quick list of professionals who can be of invaluable service!

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